Who We are

We are an innovative company dedicated to helping first-time homebuyers repair and improve their credit and achieve the ‘American Dream’ of homeownership.

Our Backstory

NueCred Financial, was founded in 2018 by Orland Copeland who spent several years working to restore his own credit after a bad real estate deal ruined the family's finances.

Orland was determined to repair his credit because he understood its importance when applying for a home loan. He also understood the economic benefits of homeownership in terms of accumulating wealth through home equity, reducing housing costs through mortgage interest deduction, and long-term savings over the cost of renting.

So, he created NueCred to reinvent homeownership by educating consumers about their right to fair credit reporting and helping them to improve their credit profiles as they endeavor to become homeowners and achieve the American Dream.

The team at Nuecred has been, collectively servicing clients in the financial, real estate, and insurance industries for over 15 years, and have left a trail of success stories. This experience and expertise set us apart from the competition, and we bring it to bear when working with our clients, including YOU!

What Problem Do We Aim to Solve?

At NueCred, we know buying a house is essential, but achieving this feat can be quite difficult. There are several challenges between you and your dream house. One of the first barriers to affordable credit is your credit score. If you have poor credit you will have limited options.

If you are a high-risk borrower, it’s goodbye to your loan application, and your dream of owning a house goes farther out of your grasp. Alternatively, financial institutions could seem to ignore your bad credit score and grant a home loan. But THERE’S A PRICE!

You pay a high-interest rate, meaning high monthly mortgage payments, because your loan is SUBPRIME.

This is the case if your credit report contains SEVERAL ERRORS, and you fail to fix them before applying. There would be a significant difference in your monthly payments and interest rates if you get credit repair before applying for a loan.

Credit report error affects 80% of consumers. So, what do you do? Should you let these problems roll over your back while a bad credit report continues to be your story and rob you of your dream of owning a house?

At NueCred, we say NO!

We Have the Solution

Our credit repair services are designed to help you IMPROVE YOUR creditworthiness by removing the inaccuracies and all unverifiable information in your credit report. We will communicate with the credit bureau on your behalf or any other company that reports to the credit bureaus.

This could be a bank, your credit card issuer, or any other debt collecting agency. We will ensure that the credit bureau reinvestigates any information that you thinks is incorrect or unfair.

Our services do not end at credit restoration.

We are also mortgage originators. That means we are licensed to take an application and negotiate rates and terms on your behalf.

Our Process

Our system of challenging credit reports is different and unique. The rules of the credit reporting industry mandate credit bureaus to ensure their reports meet the standard for ETHICAL, LAWFUL, AND COMPLAINT REPORTING.

Therefore, while conducting credit repair, we do not only challenge the factual nature of your report, but we dispute whether the report was compliant with the industry standard for completeness and accuracy.

Our Mission

At NueCred, we are on a mission to assist you, and other first-time homebuyers to obtain favorable mortgages. We will ensure your credit report is fair and educate you on the homeownership process. We achieve this by challenging unlawful reporting of inaccurate or unverifiable information and collaborating with industry stakeholders to give you personalized home buying education.


to reinvent the American Dream of homeownership by giving our clients an efficient and cost-effective way to achieve excellent credit scores. As a result, you will qualify for prime mortgage products.


fairness and equal opportunity for all. Therefore, we ensure that you are not discriminated against when applying for a home loan and rejection is only because of a low credit score.

Why Us?

There are several reasons why you may not trust the credit repair process. You might have tried and it didn’t work or believe you could do it yourself. It could be you believe credit repair is a scam or too expensive.

So why use our services?

“The service received from NueCred exceeded my expectations… With all the credit services to choose from, I’m glad I chose NueCred! If you are looking to have your credit restored and take you to the next level, this is who you need, NueCred Financial. I can testify to my experience with them.”

This is the testimonial of one of our clients, and it could be yours.

We are continually committed to helping you improve your financial state and taking it to the next level. We will help you GO HIGHER ON THE CREDIT PYRAMID while exceeding your expectations.

What’s more?

We are caring, honest, transparent, and put our 100% into giving you the best services.

The process of owning your home begins with a YES!

Say yes to NueCred today and begin a journey to creditworthiness and living the American Dream.

How to Move Forward?

Every journey begins with a single step. Click the link below and schedule a call with one of our Credit Specialist for a free consultation. Let us help you take the first step to homeownership!

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