Credit Monitoring & Identity Theft Protection!

Why Monitor
Your Credit?

Your credit score is like a barometer, it measures the state of your financial situation. Inadvertinately, your credit report may contain errors that can drag down your credit score, including merged accounts, misreported balances, or outdated information.

If you are not checking it, you would’t know that these errors exist and therefore can’t truely tell where you stand financially. That is why it is important to monitor your report and ensure that it is accurate. This also allows you to correct issues before it’s too late.

Identity Theft

Millions of Americans are victims of fraud or identity theft each year. No matter where you live or how old you are, you may someday be affected by these crimes. Identity theft happens when a person uses, or tries to use, your sensitive personal information to commit fraud.

The people who steal personal information can harm you by buying things using your existing accounts such as bank or credit card accounts, or by opening new accounts while pretending to be you.

Consumer advocates warn that until the industry is further regulated, Americans have to keep an unswerving watch of their credit scores or pay the price for negligence.


We use a third party service to help you monitor your credit and protect your sensitive information from identity theft. Watch the video below to learn more about this service.

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Benefits of using SmartCredit

Receive your reports and scores from all 3 credit bureaus in one place.

Privacy Master

87% of People Say Data Privacy Is a Human Right

Yet, websites expose and sell your private information every day. They may even reveal your children’s names and where they go to school.


Easily Track & Understand All Your Credit Scores

ScoreTracker® explains and grades your creditworthiness in four maincategories, based on your updatedcredit reports. You also see what’shelping your scores over time andwhat you need to fix.


Take Action to Get More Points

Use our patented Action buttonsto reach your 120-day plan for abetter score.


Reach Your Target Score to Get Better Loans

Get your best score before you applyfor any type of credit.

Money Manager

All Your Finances in OneConvenient Place

Get complete visibility of your onlinebanking, credit cards, investments,and more.

$1 Million FraudInsurance

Protect Your Whole Family

Get important alerts with changes to your credit report, plus you get $1 million identity fraud insurance for the entire family. This covers your bank, savings, brokerage, lines of credit, credit card, and more.

SmartCredit is a third-party service. You can try-out this service for only $1.00 for 7days. After the 7-day trial, the cost is 24.95 per month. However, if you enroll in one of our credit repair plans before the 7-day period is up, we will convert your account to a corporate account and your card will NOT be charged after the seventh day. Alternatively, if you are not ready to move forward with credit repair, you have the option of: 

  • Keep the plan as a stand-alone product and enjoy all the benefits.
  • Cancel the plan so that you would not be charged any further.

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