Mortgage Origination

This is  the goal of your credit repair…

Getting your credit right is a big part of becoming mortgage-ready. This allows you to get pre-approved at the best possible rate and terms, based on other factors like your income, assets and collateral.

We are your partner on the path to your new home. We have brought you to this point and we will see you through to the end.

My name is Orland Copeland and I’m licensed to Originate Mortgages in the State of Texas. NMLS# 777478

We have established a partnership with Rocket Mortgage through the Rocket Pro program. I also have experiences as a real estate agent. So you are getting someone who is an expert in all facets of the home buying process.

Because of this partnership I can offer you special pricing to save you money.

About Rocket Mortgage

Rocket Mortgage is America’s largest mortgage lender, helping millions achieve the dream of home ownership. They have revolutionized the industry with the world’s very first online mortgage experience.

Along the way Rocket became a word that defined what they did best. So in 2021, they changed their official company name from Quicken Loans to Rocket Mortgage as a testament to their obsession with making it easier for people to get a mortgage.

The mission behind Rocket Mortgage is clear:

Make the complicated home financing process simpler - using innovative technology and amazing team members.

They’re driven by their clients.

Rocket Mortgage is the simplest and most convenient way to finance a home.

They provide a homebuying experience that's custom designed for each client. They’'re dedicated to giving them certainty that their home financing goals can be achieved.

With award-winning service and cutting-edge digital platforms, they help their clients make better decisions in less time.


If you are a homeowner, refinancing your current home loan could be a great option if you want to…
  • Lower your mortgage interest rate
  • Take cash out to pay down debt or improve your home
  • Shorten the length of your mortgage
  • Convert an Adjustable-Rate-Mortgage (ARM) into a fixed rate loan
  • Cancel your mortgage insurance

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